Where the message becomes your World!

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Immersive Augmented Xperience

Where the message becomes your World™!

Cosmos Continuum is the world’s first Augmented Reality Delivery Platform. This all-purpose platform revolutionizes the augmented reality messaging, animation, and gaming experience. It’s uses are virtually unlimited. This is not a virtual world. It is the groundbreaking combination of one’s present physical surroundings and the three-dimensional characters and material of the augmented world that are fused into a mind-blowing experience. We call it the Immersive Augmented Xperience.

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Don't Look to the Past for Marketing Answers!

Unlock the power of Augmented Reality (AR) with Cosmos Continuum - It's shockingly simple!

  1. Define your target audience
  2. Create one or more AR messages
  3. Select demographic criteria
  4. Create the triggering medium
  5. You now have a customized Augmented Reality experience

The best part is your customers won’t feel targeted. They’ll have 100% certainty their privacy will not be compromised. As a result, your brand will be recognized as extraordinary and your branding will receive more attention. What’s more, all messages can be delivered to your selected demographics using the same collateral piece.


Be Disruptively Innovative while Creating Serious Fun!

Cosmos Continuum creates unique experiences that can be used efficiently in education, branding and promotions.

With the addition of gamification, Cosmos Continuum is the ultra-modern way to tackle the problems advertisers are experiencing today. Interactivity is the key to effectively convey a message. When people are entertained, engaged in a way they can easily relate to they become captivated by your brand. The possibilities are endless.

Consumer Data Privacy Protection

Cosmos Continuum data is NOT Sold, Given or Shared With Third Parties!

Cosmos Continuum does not sell or distribute personal data to third parties. Users are not tracked and can use their personal data for their own benefit without privacy concerns.

Cosmos Continuum operates as a data "black hole" - data goes in and it doesn't come out. Cosmos Continuum personnel do not have access to the data and are unable to view an individual's data.

What can Cosmos Continuum do for your Business?

Healthcare Facilities - StoryWall

StoryWall is an inexpensive, non-intrusive way to comfort children in a hospital setting. Whether undergoing surgery, treatment or merely waiting to see a dentist StoryWall can calm and entertain a child while producing beneficial outcomes. StoryWall is already used in European hospitals and medical facilities. Doctors have commented that by having StoryWall, they have found that young patients have better outcomes and treatment perceptions due to the reduction of fear and anxiety.

StoryWall is now available in the US market. With Cosmos Continuum powering the experience, children and parents can look forward to healthcare treatments in locations featuring a StoryWall.

Let your Clothing come to life

What if your clothes had a personality? What if they could tell a different story to different people? Cosmos Continuum can add a dose of AR to your clothing line with multiple realities based on who is looking at the outfit.

What do you want your clothes to say?

Easily extend your Marketing and Advertising reach

What if your logo could deliver different messages or animations to the demographic groups that matter most to you. No need for segmenting messages into multiple collateral or ads. Just use the investment you already have to deliver unique messages to each demographic. Create images at trade shows that speak to different markets all without additional expense. Changing your messaging between shows? Easy with the Cosmos Continuum platform.

Now your Art can engage with every viewer individually

Art is in the eye of the beholder they say. What if you could transform your artwork to a whole new world that speaks to someone based on who they are…

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