Become a Cosmos Xplorer!

New adventures are about to begin for you.

Cosmos Continuum

The breakthrough technology that beams you directly into an Immersive Augmented Xperience (IAX)

Cosmos Continuum is the combination of your present physical surroundings and the three-dimensional characters and material that exist in the augmented world. What’s more, this extraordinary platform introduces a new era of consumer privacy. It puts you in control of all marketing messaging. This all-new method means advertisers can no longer access, sell, share, or otherwise use your personal information for their own purposes if you happen to view their content. Period. And neither can Cosmos Continuum! 

Why did we create this trail-blazing platform? 

We got sick and tired of companies selling and sharing our personal information without our knowledge. We got fed up with marketers following our every move through the location data on our mobile device and on our browsers. Can you relate to this intrusion into your personal life? At the same time, we know you have an interest in products, services, and activities that are important to you.   That’s why we built this forward-thinking platform from the ground up to create a new standard of messaging in the advertising and marketing industries.

How does it work?

Simply download the Cosmos Continuum app from the Apple or Google App stores to your mobile device. Enter the registration information and you are now a Cosmos Continuum Xplorer! Point the device's camera at the trigger image and instantly your device opens a whole new world around you. We hope your experiences will surpass all expectations.

Your no-cost access point to the Immersive Augmented Xperience

The Cosmos Continuum app can be downloaded free of charge. There is not now, and never will be, a charge for using the app to experience the IAX. 

You can have it all! 

Seeing is believing. Join the technological revolution. A new adventure is about to begin for you. Download the Cosmos Continuum app now and open the portal into new territory.

What is the Cosmos Continuum Privacy Policy? 

Cosmos Continuum's Privacy Policy can be accessed from this link.

In summary, any and all information submitted to Cosmos Continuum as part of Xplorer registration is completely confidential. It is not shared with any person or company. It cannot even be accessed by us. Your information is exclusively used to provide the relevant IAX experience for the specific trigger. Cosmos Continuum was built using a privacy-by-design methodology to ensure your privacy.

Account Deletion

To delete a user account, the user needs to press the "Delete Account" in the Cosmos Continuum app. This action will remove the user's account and all data associated with it.