Where the message becomes your World!

The Cosmos Continuum
Augmented Realty Platform

The simple cost-effective way to create an augmented reality message

What is Cosmos Continuum?

Cosmos Continuum is the world’s first privacy-by-design Augmented Reality Delivery Platform for commercial users. This all-purpose platform revolutionizes the augmented reality based messaging, animation, and gaming experiences that companies, organizations, institutions, or individuals can utilize in creating what they want their users to experience. It’s uses are virtually unlimited. 

This cutting-edge Delivery Platform is unprecedented in the augmented reality space. It delivers the opportunity to tailor a specific message/experience to the unique demographics of an individual. It does so while maintaining total and complete privacy of the user. Access to the platform is free to any and all individuals that have downloaded the Cosmos Continuum app to their mobile devices. The Cosmos Continuum Immersive Augmented Xperience (IAX) is accessed at the discretion of the user by directing the device camera at a unique image/icon (aka Trigger). No message is ever pushed unsolicited to the user.

Cosmos Continuum’s platform is a game-changer. It is a portal to the IAX. The Cosmos Continuum IAX is not a virtual world. It is the groundbreaking combination of one’s present physical surroundings and the three-dimensional characters and material of the augmented world that are fused into a mind-blowing experience.

How does it help you reach and extend your intended audience? 

The Cosmos Continuum Augmented Reality Platform is a bold and new way to create an augmented reality message or environment without the need to develop, host, and deploy a one-off app. The Cosmos app, already on the consumer’s device, is all that’s needed. We provide the infrastructure, hosting environment, delivery network, and directory of users. The platform is already available in the Apple and Google App stores. Cosmos Continuum removes the need to create new apps for every new individual message or experience. All you need to do is create the message/experience. Or we can create your bespoke augmented reality messages/experiences for you.

What’s in it for you?

At last, there’s a way to satisfy the consumer demand for privacy. What’s more, the demise of website tracking cookies, the rapidly increasing use of ad blockers, increased government regulation, etc., make the traditional methods of delivering messages (online advertising; social media messaging; pop ups; data tracking; etc.) obsolete. Our breakthrough technology solves the problem. You simply select the demographics for your unique messages/experiences. A Cosmos Continuum App user will see the message/experience you have selected based on the demographics set by you. Furthermore, your message/experience can be updated, modified, or replaced immediately without the need for creating or updating new Apps.

A cost effective solution that draws customers to you!

The Cosmos Continuum app is free for consumers to download and provides access to any and all messages/experiences based on consumer demographics and trigger icons. 

Typical fees to host a message/experience on the Cosmos Continuum Delivery Platform are as follows:

  1. Message/experience development costs: Quoted as a development project.
  2. One time $500 set up fee for client company (not per message)
  3. Monthly subscription fee
    1. For stationary locations: $99/month subscription ($1,010 if billed annually) per demographic message/experience per trigger site.
    2. Sliding Scale subscription fee available for mobile installations (such as busses, taxis, etc.) or transportable installations (such as brochures, clothing, cups, etc.)